You can find opportunities to do research in all disciplines through the Undergraduate Research Portal:

  • Search for research opportunities both on and off campus
  • Create a profile that faculty can find when looking for student researchers


Create an Online Research Profile

  • Login to the Undergraduate Research Portal using your UCLA logon.
  • On the upper right, under “Profiles,” select “Create/Update my Profile.”
  • Enter the requested information.

Explore Available Research Opportunities

  • Use the search bar to select opportunities based on your keywords. Through the drop-down menu, you can search by job description, division/department, position title, and all fields within the opportunities.
  • On the right-hand side, you can filter the opportunities shown by Position Type, Research Area, Location, Duration, and Hours per Week.
  • New opportunities are added daily.

Apply to Opportunities

  • Before you prepare any application materials, determine your eligibility, including requirements as to major, GPA, or other conditions of participation. Some opportunities require enrollment in a research course, such as a 99 or 199 course.
  • Follow the specific application instructions for each opportunity. Be sure to include all requested documents. Often the application process entails sending an email with your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume attached. Click here for more information on contacting potential mentors.


Please visit the Undergraduate Research Portal for more information, or e-mail our helpdesk at