While Student Research Program (SRP 99) courses are lower-division research courses (1-2 units with P/NP grading), departmental 199 courses are upper-division research courses (usually up to 4 units with letter grading). Both courses are offered in most departments (e.g. English 99 or English 199), and both courses allow you to work on an independent research or creative project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students often take departmental 199 courses after they take SRP 99 courses (as a “next step”), but enrollment in an SRP 99 course is not a prerequisite to enrolling in a departmental 199 course.

If you are considering departmental honors, you can complete a series of 198 courses instead of 199 courses. Contact your department for details.

When preparing to enroll in a departmental 198 or 199 course, please be aware that most departments require the following:

  • Completion of a 198 or 199 contract through MyUCLA. Depending on your department, you may be required to complete additional paperwork.
  • Commitment to 12-20 hours of research per week (usually 3-4 units)

In addition to 198 and 199 courses, some departments offer 190, 191, 196 and 197 upper-division research courses.