Undergraduate Research Week Award Winners

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2018 Dean's Prize awards!

2018 Dean's Prize Awards - Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

  • Ehecatl Chumacero-Rojas, Political Science (Mentor: Alice Ho)
  • Tiffany Darden, Political Science (Mentor: James Desveaux)
  • Yesenia De Leon, Chicana and Chicano Studies (Mentor: Alice Ho)
  • Renee Ding, Political Science (Mentor: Daniel N. Posner)
  • Max William Dunsker, Economics and International Development Studies (Mentor: Dena Herman)
  • Andrea Helena Henthorn, English and Italian (Mentor: Christopher Mott)
  • Tiffany Hwang, Psychology (Mentor: Zili Liu)
  • Enya Entung Kuo, Psychology and Political Science (Mentor: David O. Sears)
  • Isabel Leamon, Psychology and Anthropology (Mentor: Tiffany N. Brannon)
  • Cynamon Ashaki Mantley, Italian and African American Studies (Mentor: Alice Ho)
  • Eric Mazariegos Jr., Art History (Mentors: John Pohl and Charlene Villaseñor Black)
  • Christal Perez, Art (Mentor: Charlene Villaseñor Black)
  • Tracy Saw, Psychology and Global Studies (Mentor: Tiffany N. Brannon)
  • Gabrielle Sheerer, International Development Studies (Mentor: Jessica Cattelino)
  • Lavina Tang, Anthropology (Mentor: Alan Fiske)
  • Candise Vogel, Anthropology and Near Eastern Languages and Culture (Mentor: Kara Cooney)