Abstract Guidelines

Your application for Undergraduate Research Week will include two main parts:

  1. An abstract of your project (including a title and author list)
  2. Your availability

If other undergraduate students are co-authors on your project, you will need to list their contact information as well. Be sure all presenters will be available during the presentation/poster times you select. You cannot switch dates/times once they are selected.

Abstract Title Instructions

The abstract title should clearly indicate the nature of the project. In no more than 200 characters (approximately 30 words, including spaces), describe your research in succinct terms, reflecting the contents of your abstract. Use key words, and do not use abbreviations, non-English characters, or symbols.

Capitalize the first letter of all words in your title. However, do not capitalize article words such as “a,” “the,” “and,” and “of,” unless the article is the first word of the title.

Author List Instructions

Provide the name(s) of the author(s). Indicate the “presenting” author(s) (meaning you and any other authors who will present the work at Undergraduate Research Week) by writing these names in ALL CAPITALS. If it is appropriate to your discipline to list your faculty mentor as an author, you should list your faculty mentor as the last author. (Be sure to ask your faculty mentor if you are not sure!) Do not include titles or degrees such as Dr., Ph.D., etc.

Please note: There can be no more than four undergraduate presenters (including you) for every original abstract submitted; the same abstract cannot be submitted multiple times.

Abstract Instructions

Your abstract must be at least 100 but no more than 1550 characters (approximately 225 words). The abstract should include introductory/background information, your argument or research question, the methods employed, and your results or conclusions. End the abstract by stating the significance of your research.

Do not use symbols, non-English characters, italicized or boldfaced words, references, figures, or tables in your abstract; the online submission system does not support them. Symbols and non-English characters will appear as empty boxes; italicized and boldfaced words, as well as references, figures, and tables, will be formatted incorrectly.

Abstract Workshops

The Undergraduate Research Center–Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences hosts abstract workshops to help you write abstracts for Undergraduate Research Week, as well as other conferences. We encourage you to attend!