2020 Undergraduate Research Week was virtual! We combined Poster Day, the Oral Presentations, and the Multimedia Salon in-persons events into one all-day virtual Undergraduate Research Showcase. The 2020 Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Research Award was awarded for outstanding pre-recorded research presentations at the Undergraduate Research Showcase.

  • Alyssa Arbolante, Linguistics and Spanish (Mentor: Matthew Faytak)
  • Hannah Barrett, Geography and International Development Studies (Mentor: John Agnew)
  • Therese Boles, History (Mentor: Joan Waugh)
  • Haocong Cheng, History (Mentors: Andrea Goldman, R. Bin Wong)
  • Priya Dahiya, Psychology (Mentor: Tiffany Brannon)
  • Hetvi Doshi, Cognitive Science (Mentor: Matthew Lieberman)
  • Lizhou Fan, Statistics (Mentor: Todd Presner)
  • Mariah Furtek, Geography (Mentor: John Agnew)
  • Valda Han, Psychobiology (Mentor: Rena Repetti)
  • Caleb Kealoha, Psychology (Mentor: Matthew Lieberman)
  • Michael Kim, Psychobiology (Mentor: Joan Asarnow)
  • Daniel Leibowitz, Geography and Environmental Studies (Mentor: Thomas Gillespie)
  • Rucha Modi, Global Studies (Mentor: James Desveaux)
  • Aaliyah Murphy, World Arts and Cultures (Mentors: Dallas Swendeman, Melissa Smith)
  • Julia Nakamura, Psychobiology (Mentor: Julienne E. Bower)
  • Julianne Rodriguez, Anthropology (Mentor: Brooke Scelza)
  • Joelle Rosenberg, Sociology (Mentor: Zsuzsa Berend)
  • Christine Tran, International Development Studies and Asian American Studies  (Mentor: Grace Hong)
  • Rhiannon Wilson, English (Mentor: Daniel Snelson)
  • Jason Vu, Global Studies and Asian American Studies (Mentor: Thu-Huong Nguyen-Vo)
  • Patrick Yu, History (Mentor: Soraya de Chadarevian)
  • Sharon Yuen, Asian American Studies (Mentor: Grace Hong)

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 Dean’s Prize awards!