Creating the SRP contract

Create an SRP contract through the following steps:

  • Go to MyUCLA (
  • Login
  • Click on “Contract Courses,” which is under the “Classes” tab
  • Under “My Contract Courses” click on “Submit a new contract”
  • Select year and term
  • Choose “Student Research Program (SRP) 99”
  • Select the “Subject Area” for your SRP. (The subject area is the same as your faculty mentor’s department.)
  • Choose faculty mentor and select number of units. If your faculty mentor is not listed in the system: first double-check that you are looking in the correct department. If you still do not see your mentor listed, then your mentor will need to fill out a Faculty Participation Form.You will be able to chose your faculty mentor in the SRP contract after the Faculty Participation Form has been submitted to the Undergraduate Research Center.
  • Verify whether you need to submit proof of completion of the Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts course. If your faculty mentor has a UCLA Environment, Health & Safety chemical license, you must complete the Laboratory Safety class before enrolling in an SRP 99 course. If the Laboratory Safety course is required, you will see the following under your faculty mentor's name on the SRP 99 contract: "Safety Training: Proof of Completion of the Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts (LSFC) course is required for participation in research with this mentor." The LSFC training can now be completed online and takes about 90 minutes. Go to and sign in using your UCLA Logon ID. Click on the course catalog, select online training, and launch UCLA Laboratory Safety Fundamentals (LAB-LSFC-OL). You will receive a "proof of completion" certificate after passing the final test. Please print out the certificate (also retrievable from the transcripts section of your Worksafe menu) and attach it to your SRP contract. 
  • In the “My Research Plan” section, include: your research question or hypothesis, your approach or methodology, and the significance of the project. Aim for 3-5 sentences. See the sample “My Research Plan” below.
  • Print contract
  • Have your faculty mentor sign the contract. If your faculty mentor is out of town, he or she may send an e-mail to in lieu of a signature.
  • SRP contracts are due Friday of second week at 4:30pm to A334 Murphy Hall; temporary summer 2018 location: 33442 Young Research Library. If you were required to take the Laboratory Safety Fundamental Concepts course, be sure to print the proof of completion and bring it with your SRP 99 contract.

“My Research Plan” example: My research investigates how fan fiction has influenced the modern publishing industry. I examine the online trajectories of three novels that were ultimately published on’s Kindle Words service. This project will document the publishing history of these three as-yet-overlooked novels while analyzing the publishing industry’s attempts to impose standards on the emerging genre.