The Undergraduate Research Center – Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Research Writing Group meets via Zoom during Fall 2020 to support undergraduate students conducting research and creative projects remotely.

Students are invited to bring their writing, snacks, and beverage of choice and work alongside other researchers in a supportive and collaborative environment each week!


The Research Writing Group is a space for undergraduate students to share in the research and creative project writing process and build community with other student researchers.

A Graduate Student Mentor facilitates the Research Writing Group sessions. At the beginning of each session, participants introduce themselves, describe the research or creative projects they are working on, and outline what specific writing goals they would like to accomplish during the session. After writing quietly during the session, participants come together to share their progress.

Register for a Session

The Research Writing Group meets from 4-5:30 PM on Wednesdays throughout the fall quarter*. Up to fifteen participants can register for each session, up to one hour in advance of each session. After you register for a session, you will receive a Zoom link via email.

  • Week 1 – Wednesday, October 7: 4-5:30 PM (Registration Closed)
  • Week 2 – Wednesday, October 14: 4-5:30 PM (Registration Closed)
  • Week 3 – Wednesday, October 21: 4-5:30 PM (Registration Closed)
  • Week 4 – Wednesday, October 28: 4-5:30 PM (Registration Closed)
  • Week 5 – Wednesday, November 4: 4-5:30 PM (Registration Closed)
  • Week 6 – Tuesday, November 11: 12:30-2 PM (Registration Closed)
  • Week 7 – Wednesday, November 18: 4-5:30 PM (Registration Closed)
  • Week 9 – Wednesday, December 2: 4-5:30 PM (Click here to register:
  • Week 10 – Wednesday, December 9: 4-5:30 PM (Click here to register:

*The Research Writing Group meet on Tuesday, November 10 from 12:30-2 PM during week 6, and will not meet during week 8 on Wednesday, November 25.

Additional Resources

Please click here for additional research and writing resources.