There are two Undergraduate Research Centers at UCLA:


Students Can Continue Doing Research During Remote Learning

With the transition to online courses, please note that students will not be required to come to campus for research-related responsibilities. However, undergraduates are interested in continuing their research project remotely. We advise students and faculty mentors to develop a plan for moving forward with remote research.

Students are able to remotely enroll in an SRP 99 course. For upper-division departmental research contract courses, we recommending contacting your individual department for information.

Please note that any funded students enrolled in our research programs will continue to receive funding from us.

On-Campus Research Activities

On a case-by-case basis, undergraduates are allowed to participate in on-campus research activities during remote learning, provided they are part of an approved Research Operational Plan, adhere to the lab safety guidelines in Interim Policy 906, and take the daily symptom monitoring survey. Click here for more information regarding research ramp-up. As research and instruction will be remote for the time being, we encourage you to reach out to your mentees as soon as possible to develop a plan for continuing research activities during the fall and winter quarters.

Resources for Remote Research

We understand that the move to remote learning greatly affects the types of research that may be done. We know there are enormous challenges ahead of us, and we are here to support you in any way that we can. You may also direct students to our center’s website, where we post information about remote workshops and setting up one-on-one advising meetings with graduate mentors.

If you are unsure of how to proceed with your student researchers, you might want to consider working with your students on:

  • Remote research and data analysis
  • An expanded literature review
  • Writing skills across research genres (abstracts, articles, reviews, etc.)
  • Professional development (reviewing CVs, providing guidance for graduate school or research professions)

We have also compiled the results of a survey of spring 2020 undergraduate researchers working remotely. Click here to view a summary of the results and key takeaways.

If you have any questions or would like to speak more to someone at the Undergraduate Research Center about mentorship, please do not hesitate to contact Whitney Arnold (, Jacquelyn Ardam (, or Kelly Kistner ( We will be happy to correspond via e-mail or set up a Zoom meeting.


UCLA’s Student Research Program (SRP) is designed as an entry-level research experience and allows undergraduates early in their academic careers to participate in research or engage in scholarly efforts under the direction of a faculty mentor.

Research projects may be faculty-initiated (students assist with faculty research) or student-initiated (faculty mentor students on students’ projects). For more information about SRP, please see SRP and Becoming a Faculty Mentor.


On the UCLA Undergraduate Research Portal you can:

  • Post opportunities for undergraduates to assist you with your research; and
  • Search for undergraduates who have the skills and knowledge to help you in your research plans.

Please visit the portal or watch the short video below for more information.


The Undergraduate Research Center–Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences administers the following undergraduate research scholarship and grant programs:

  • The Undergraduate Research Fellows Program (URFP) supports students engaged in entry-level research in winter and spring quarters. Students apply by November 15. Fellows receive a $3,000 scholarship.
  • The Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP) supports juniors and seniors engaged in a departmental honors thesis or comprehensive 199 project. Students apply by June 15. Juniors receive a $4,500 scholarship, and seniors receive a $6,000 scholarship.
  • The Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program (MMUF) is a two-year program for students in select humanities and social sciences fields who intend to pursue a Ph.D. and a career in the academy. The program aims to diversify the professoriate. Students apply by November 1.
  • Travel Grants are awarded on a competitive basis to students who are presenting their research at conferences.


The Cornerstone Research Workshops help prepare undergraduates to conduct research successfully at UCLA. The workshop series introduces students to the notion of research itself and then offers them strategies, tools, and resources for each stage of the research process, from developing a research question to presenting and publishing their work.

We also offer Research Methods Workshops on topics such as interviewing methods and writing research and creative proposals.

Faculty members who are interested in having their students attend the workshops are encouraged to contact the Undergraduate Research Center at for more information.


Students who are poised to pursue research in north campus fields should be encouraged to apply for our Research Revealed program and its accompanying course: HONORS COLLEGIUM 101L: Research Revealed – Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

In this program, students will gain a better understanding and appreciation of the role of the research university and how research is conducted and knowledge created in the humanities, arts, and social sciences. Coursework and seminar discussions will also prepare students for conducting their own research projects, applying for research programs, or assisting on faculty member projects in future quarters.

The course includes faculty guest speakers who will discuss their research work and processes. Faculty interested in speaking about their research during the seminar series should contact Dr. Kelly Kistner at


Undergraduate Research Week showcases and celebrates student research. Open to all UCLA undergraduates engaged in research or creative projects, the week provides opportunities for students to present their work as pre-recorded or live Zoom presentations and media.


The Undergraduate Research Center regularly does presentations at events such as open houses, orientations, and senior meetings, and we are also available to speak in individual classes. We are happy to present on topics ranging from getting started with research at UCLA to more specific topics such as interviewing methods and writing research and creative project proposals. If you would like to arrange an event or virtual class visit, please contact us at


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